Developing Arguments: Diagnostic Essay Assignment

On the same week we were set the alphabet photography assignment, we were also given another assignment in which we were tasked to write about and express our understanding on media concepts. The assignment will be submitted and marked in two parts: the main essay and the bibliography. Both parts of the assignment together should amount to approximately 1,500 words in total.

Part 1: The essay itself must be around 1,000 words, excluding references. The references are to be composed in Harvard referencing format. The main subject of the essay will solely focus on one media text.

Part 2: The bibliography will include the texts that I will have been referring to, using the Harvard Referencing conventions. I can use media texts (e.g. books, articles, webpages , etc.) in order to back up my points and statements in the main essay. The bibliography should be around 500 words, consisting of details summing up my sources and media texts that I have used throughout the assignment.

The deadline for this assignment will be on Wednesday 29th of October.

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