Computer Lab Workshops – Processing

Over the course of this week, all of the students in my DMD group (D) have been introduced to a digital coding software called Processing. Processing is a free-to-use creative tool that allows the user to create programs that generate text, shapes, colours, among other digital elements with the use of code. We had a couple of workshop sessions this week which have given us the opportunity to get more used to coding as well as find out more about the creative potential of using Processing.

During our workshop session on Wednesday, we were given the task of producing a program that generates a set of circles in random places on the screen. We also had to code in a function that reset the location of each circle with a single mouse click. We needed to learn more about different technical functions and terms such as “variables” and “if statements” in order to create this program successfully.

Pictured below are examples of an input code and the visual result that can be produced from it:

proper image 2 proper image

After doing this, I found out by experimenting with this software that if you change the value of x in the coding process (pictured left), you can change the number of circles that appear randomly on the page. For example, by changing both

“int x = 10;” and “x = 10”


“int x = 500” and “x = 500”

I was able to produce the following result:


While the coding aspect of the course may be difficult to get used to at first, I’m generally having fun with the software and I can currently use it to produce basic images and shapes. I’m planning on practicing my Processing skills during my spare time at home.

Processing can be downloaded for free at

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