Temporal Expressions Task – Joiner Image

After looking into the work of David Hockney for inspiration, I have created a joiner image that is heavily based on his artistic style. A joiner image, in this case is a group of collages put together with photographs of one subject (e.g. a scene, object or person) taken from different angles and at different times.

To help me create an image like this, I used image manipulation software such as Photoshop and Fireworks to cut out segments of photos I had taken over the week and put them together into one image.

river joiner image bigger

Since the theme we should use to tie these images together is “cycle”, I decided to expand on this theme and make a joiner image about the water cycle. My joiner image is made out of 44 different segments of three photos I took of the same river, each taken from a different angle.

I found it was difficult at first to make a clear image out of three combined photographs, but once I had an idea on how to present and structure my final product, it got easier as I went along with the editing process. Overall, I’m very pleased about how my first joiner image turned out, and I think I’ve followed Hockney’s style as well as I can.

I now need to take pictures that exploit long and short exposure, in order to fully complete this assignment.

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