Temporal Expressions Task – Exposure Photography

Since we were set our temporal expressions assignment, I have been going out to experiment with time-based photography that makes use of long and short exposure. At first, I was having difficulty taking pictures that made use of different levels of light exposure with my digital camera and its shutter speed. However, through practice, I found out how to change the exposure of the photos I took.

I found out how to do this by pointing my camera and focusing on a light area (e.g. near the sun), then keeping the focus until I pointed the camera at whatever I wanted, and then I captured the photo. This was how I gave my pictures the appearance of short exposure.

I’m still keeping to the theme of water cycle throughout this assignment.

Short Exposure

ex1 ex3 ex2

Motion Blur

ex4 ex14

Long Exposure

I did the opposite for capturing photos exploiting long exposure by pointing my camera and focusing on an area of darkness (e.g. by covering up the shutter), and then taking pictures.

ex5 ex6 ex10

Frozen Motion

ex8 ex9

Overall, I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to try out exposure photography, as I have never been able to take pictures like these before. Changing the exposure  and angle of each shot I took gave me an insight on how to take photos with a more professional appearance, with the use of exposure and shutter speed.

I was also interested by how changing the exposure of my photos also changed the detail in which the water was captured. As can be seen in the long exposure pictures I took, the waves and ripples are more emphasised and focused than the pictures exploiting short exposure.

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