Concept and Ideation Task 3 – My Animation

After looking at and researching different types of stop-motion animation (e.g. clay-based, paper-based), I decided to use paper in my animation for this assignment. Pictured below is my first solo attempt at a stop-motion animation. It follows the theme of “water cycle“.

Click to see full-size

Click to see full-size

The animation is made up of 25 frames, all of which I took with a digital camera. I wanted everything in the picture to move, so that all the emphasis isn’t one the water. This is why most of the shots are at a slightly different angle. I could have improved the steadiness of the shots and put them together in a less shaky way; this is one of the only major issues that I would improve about my first animation.

In order to animate the water drop in my animation, I looked at short videos online that showed how they are formed. In my animation, each stage of the drop falling into the bowl is made up of individual drawings that I produced.

Concept and Colour drawings:

photo image

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