Concept and Ideation Task 4 – Reflection on Work

While it took me a few hours to animate my kinetic typography, it would have taken longer if I hadn’t had previous experience with After Effects. I had used After Effects before in a workshop at University, and on a college course last year, and the experience proved to be very useful for this assignment. Overall, I would say I’m very proud of the final result that I produced and I learnt new features from this software (e.g. how to move many items in unison).

One of the things I would improve about my kinetic typography would be the timing of some of the animations. Next time I create an animation like this, I would like to get the audio and video synced up as well as possible. I could also use a bigger variety of fonts to make the animation more interesting.

The only major problem I had throughout this assignment was the fact that Adobe After Effects doesn’t work on any of my computers at home. This is why I used the University Library to get all my editing and animating done. While this gave me a limited time to work on my project, it helped me improve my speed and efficiency with using After Effects.

Of all the projects we’ve done so far, I would say that this has been the most fun to do, as we were allowed to choose any audio from any exiting media and animate words to it the way we wanted. This task was creative and it also gave me a chance to improve my software skills.

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