Development and Realisation Task – Research

To prepare for designing my poster for this assignment, I carried out some research into the subject I’m interested in. The subject I have chosen to visually represent is “Who Lives the Longest?”. For this subject, I think it’s appropriate to use a somewhat simplistic style with not too many clashing colours and shapes.

While doing secondary research into what makes a visually memorable poster, I went to in order to see and analyse the layout of information and the visual style of the available posters. Naturally, each poster has a different style depending on the subject it’s represents; for example there are posters based on complex topics like human consciousness and simple subjects like most preferred breeds of dog (pictured below)

One of the most common elements I noted while looking at these posters was the use of blocks of colour and shapes in order to create a visual connection to the subject. Different colours are used to identify different themes (e.g. green = nature, purple = science, etc.).

Visiting this website was very helpful for my research due to its huge range of different posters for many different subjects. It also gave me a lot of inpiration on how to design and present the content on my poster.

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