Development and Realisation – Inkscape Practice

Inkscape is one of the two graphic design programs that we can use throughout this assignment, the other being Adobe Illustrator, which will be discussed in our next workshops. Overall, I find both these programs easy to use and learn, although I prefer Illustrator. Illustrator and Inkscape offer different features and benefits that I will find very useful in our Development and Realisation assignment.

Last week we were assigned a task to help us improve our skills with Inkscape, an example of digital drawing software. The task was to select any image from the internet and trace it using the different drawing tools that Inkscape provided. I decided to trace the following image of the tiger but, instead, replacing the black ink with different shades of red, in order to give it a more striking appearance.

Original Image

Original Image

Image source:

The following images show the traced head of the tiger, as well as two different versions of the final result. I used the ink tool, as well as the shape tool to go over all of the tiger’s stripes. The most difficult parts of the tiger’s head to draw was the whiskers and the hair, as they required the most precision and care to draw.

rect575s3 rect5753

The following are images showing how I applied my changes to the drawing as I was tracing it, up until the final result:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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