Development and Realisation Research 3 – Poster Style

As I’m getting closer to choosing which of my design sketches to finalise, I have searched the internet for posters of varying visual styles for inspiration. As I wanted my poster to maintain a somewhat minimalistic and simple design, I did a Google image search for “simplistic poster designs” and found many great and interesting examples. I found there were simplistic posters designs that related to most subjects, especially films. I found these particular examples useful to deciding the final style of my poster, with the subject of “Who Lives the Longest?”.


The main design element that I like most about this style is that shapes and silhouettes have greater connotations and meanings. For instance, the bench from the Forrest Gump poster (pictured above) is all you need to see in the poster, as the bench itself is such a recognisable object from the film. This makes the shape, as simple as it is, have a deeper meaning and connection to the subject of the poster.

I would like my final poster to have a similar visual style, but also have a more meaningful message and meaning. The importance of shapes will be crucial to making my final result, and I need to spend a lot more time focusing on how I can get such a message across with only shapes and colours.

As seen in the posters below, different silhouettes and shapes have been used to represent the subject material featured within these posters. My particular favourites are the Alice in Wonderland poster (only showing the Cheshire Cat’s grin) and the Dirty Harry poster (simple shapes and lines used to display a gun and a face).


Image sources:

Reservoir Dogs, Forrest Gump and Paranormal Activity posters –

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland poster –

Lion King poster –

Things I like and Dirty Harry poster –

Little Red Riding Hood & Pinocchio Posters –

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