Design for Digital Media Environments – Living in a Participatory Culture

During this week, we were all introduced to the new unit, “Design for Digital Media Environments”, which will provide many opportunities for us to learn more about digital design, programming and coding. The course will also give us us a chance to work together in groups to create database projects in the style of an open media space.

An open media space can be defined as an electronic, digital environment that people can work on together as editors and contributors. The most famous example of an open media space is Wikipedia, which is most commonly used as a worldwide group project where anyone can provide their knowledge, facts and discussion on any existing subject (fictional or real). Wikipedia has revolutionised the way in which media spaces are used and ever since its creation, fan-based communities have produced and edited wikis dedicated to different subjects such as franchises (e.g. Star Wars and Disney). These, in particular, act as collaborative databases that have pages of information for characters, films and books which fans can freely edit and discuss with fellow fans.


This is not the only reason for using open media spaces. They are also useful for documenting other people’s opinions on different topics that could also be more serious and informative. Public forums and bulletin boards, in a way, also serve as open media spaces in which people can contribute their opinions and beliefs at any time.

My next blog post will discuss the first task we have received in this unit, which instructs us to contribute to an existing media space and document it.

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