Design for Digital Media Environments – Group Project “Meet the Team”

During the recent weeks since we started this unit, we have all been assigned to teams of three or four, tasked with one major group project, focusing on our teamwork as well as coding skills. For this task, I’ve joined Adam and Hallam’s team and we will be working on this project until mid-April.

During this stage of the project, we have been assigned to produce a webpage with the suggested title “Meet the Team”. The main purpose of this page is to introduce each team member (myself, Hallam and Adam) to anyone reading, through the use of images and personal biographies. This page will be designed to be part of the website that will be the main project in this unit. This project will be a media space that has a specific purpose for its users and target audience. We will be using our current coding skills not just to add these details about ourselves to the “Meet the Team” page, but also make it as functional as possible. As well as PHP and HTML, another suggestion we’ve received is to use Bootstrap, which I worked with in one of my earliest workshops.

As shown below, we also used websites that help teams work together, contribute and share files as the development process continues.

Github is an online service that will be used frequently in this project to share updated versions of files and folders with the team.

Asana is an online calendar service that groups can join to plan group meetings and events. Both of these websites are examples of media spaces, in which the three members of my team are in charge of using throughout the project.

group2 group3 group5 group4

I look forward to seeing what I can create as part of this team.

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