Design for Digital Media Environments – Website Design Plans 1

This week was very productive for my team, as we were able not only to decide what our main website is and what to call it, but also to produce some planning sketches for the design. As can be seen below, most of my team’s sketches follow a similar design format and style. This was because we wanted our website to have a certain box style that interlinked all its pages visually. Our website will be set up as an online service that BU students can use to find out about current deals (clubs, shopping, restaurants etc).

Our current name for this service is SOBU (Student Offers at Bournemouth University). Due to the planned content, our box style will be partly inspired by that of the official SUBU (Student Union) website. As our team carried on drawing sketches for the website design, we agreed more and more that we should use the website to neatly present information and images in an orderly box style. The first sketch below was drawn by me and after that, towards the end of the group session, we decided to aim for this new design style.


Sketch 1


Sketch 2


Sketch 3


Sketch 4

After coming up with these design ideas, we just needed to put together our ideas on the coding and visual sides of the projects. We decided to meet as a group later in the week to decide on these vital elements.

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