Design for Digital Media Environments – New Blogging System

Over the last couple of weeks one of our lecturers, Garrett has reviewed some very useful points on how to write and present a blog in a professional style and format. My most recent blog posts have taken these points into account; the visual standard has been improved and I intend to bear Garrett’s points in mind from now on. below are the four main categories of improvements in our future blog posts that he recommended .


The use of imagery in my previous blog posts could be improved. I have been advised to enlarge all the images to full size to make them immediately clear and visible to the users of my blog. I should also implement a broader variety of images (e.g. sketches, scans and screenshots) in my posts. Each image I upload should also be annotated and discussed in more detail. I also need to make sure that every image is linked properly, so that anyone can click on it and see a full-sized version. All these elements can help make my blog more visually appealing, as well as more informative for the users.


Like images, video files should be discussed in greater detail, and annotated. This form of visual media should also take up more space, as it makes my blog posts more visually appealing and varied. I haven’t uploaded many video files yet, but I will follow this advice from now on.

Categories and Tags

Up till this point, I have separated all my blog posts into different categories, depending on the coursework units to which they relate. Garrett has told us not to use too many categories, as it makes navigating through our blogs less user-friendly.

However, we have been advised to use as many tags as we wish. They can be an effective means of connecting different blog posts, and they help users who want to search for specific posts on my blog.

Overall, Garrett’s advice has been very useful and I will make sure that my future blog posts follow these points as well as I can.

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