Design for Digital Media Environments – Website Research

Our main concept for our group project will be a website on which students will be able to register, log in and post offers associated with different categories (e.g. club and shops). In order to develop a better understanding of, and inspiration from, ways to design a student deals website (as well as the content and presentation of these websites), I carried out secondary research into the subject.

For my research I looked into different websites that specialise in providing students with the best deals. The sites I found (pictured below) specialised in deals for a vast range of different categories and fields, such as food, technology and travel. The most interesting examples of sites that I looked at were SaveTheStudent and NUS extra.

Looking at these sites was particularly useful and interesting, as it gave me ideas about the structure and presentation for all our pages. Graphical elements, such as branding and colour choices help each of these websites stand out in their own ways, despite the fact that they specialise in the same thing. The functionality of most of these websites also depends greatly on user-generated content, in the form of deals and offers for different items and services. The following pages will be very useful to refer to when deciding on the most appropriate and professional-looking appearance for our website.

Web research 1Web research 2Web research 3Web research 4Web research 5

Website sources (in order):

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