Design for Digital Media Environments – Target Audience

Once we had decided on the main concept of our website, which will revolve around providing deals of all kinds for students, our team almost immediately identified the website’s ideal target audience: university students.

Currently, the demographic for our website can be described as the following:

  • BU students from any course (and possibly AUB students).
  • Not gender-specific.
  • Late teens to early adult.
  • Students who are looking to save money.

One of our first ideas for the slogan of the website was “Student offers (or deals) at Bournemouth University”, which made it clearer that we are focusing on BU students as our main target audience. After a while, we considered possibly giving AUB students access to this service as well. The AUB students already have access to many BU events and facilities, so it would be fair to them and it would add over approximately 3,000 potential users (2011; see here).

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