Workshop Coding Notes – Creating a Login Form

During one of our recent workshop sessions, Kyle helped our group revise the PHP code required to make a functional login form for our website. Naturally, a system for creating user accounts and signing in is of huge importance to our group project, as the website will depend on registered users to post and provide their own content. My team will also need to make admin accounts in order to sign in and manage the website.

Pictured below are examples of a blank login form (top), as well as a login form that has just been interacted with by a user. Displayed underneath this image are screenshots of the code needed to create these forms.


c dAs the above screenshots show, the following three PHP files needed modifying before the login and account registry systems on our website could be properly organised:

  • register.php
  • index.php
  • logout.php

Two of the new functions that I needed to work on were “session_destroy” and “require_once”. Learning this PHP code and how to properly use it in any online group project will prove to be very useful for not only our project but also future career prospects.

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