Design for Digital Media Environments – Offer Posting System

One of the latest features that my team has made sure to focus and improve on most is the offer posting system. The purpose of this system is to freely allow logged-in users to post student offers and deals to the live feed on our homepage. The details of the users’ posts (business, category, location and description of the offer) are then immediately recorded and stored on the database we set up using phpMyAdmin.

With an account I created using our “Register” page, I posted a made up offer to the live feed featured on the homepage, to test the system’s functionality. As shown below, when users post offers to our website, they can choose which business the deal comes from, as well as the location, category, rating and description of the offer. The posts can then be sorted into the various existing categories that we have on the right-hand sidebar. As seen in the second screenshot below, we also have a “Delete Post” button, in case the user wants to get rid of the post they’ve made. This is particularly useful if the user has made a mistake or the offer isn’t available anymore.

Everything works properly and we have nearly finished the project.


The process of posting a new offer to the live feed.


The offer as it shows up in “My Posts”


My offer presented in the “All” category

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