Design for Digital Media Environments – GitHub 2

Our final code for the group project has now been uploaded to GitHub by Adam, and we will soon be ready to hand in all of our finished source code on the 20th of April. As shown below, both our “public” and “includes” folders have been uploaded to our group repository on GitHub.

Each of us will now need to upload our code onto the dakar server, so that our copies of the group website can be accessed by our lecturers and markers.

GHub 2

Design for Digital Media Environments – GitHub 1

Throughout the start of this unit, we have been advised to use GitHub to share our source code for the website between our group, as well as store it all as an online backup system. GitHub is a Web-based, free repository hosting service, which enables users to store files and folders of data, as well as update it and share them with other people online. Since Adam has uploaded our current source code onto GitHub, it will be much easier for us as a team to share and document the changes we’ll be making to the code as we go along. As the unit progresses, the code will be updated not only on GitHub, but also on each of our computers. Ghub 00Ghub 01

Ghub 1

Our uploaded Group-Project folder in our repository.

Website source: