Design for Digital Media Environments – Visual Elements and Graphics

After looking at different websites that specialise in student deals and discounts, I noted down how the presentation and visual styles of these websites have helped each of them stand out in their own way. In order for our website to have a similar, professional appearance and look, I will be designing various visual elements of the website (such as logo, headers etc).

Pictured below is the official SUBU (Students’ Union at Bournemouth University) logo. This will be used for inspiration, as our website will be designed to have the appearance of an official BU company website (SOBU, Student Offers at Bournemouth University). My team have advised me to create a logo for our website that takes visual inspiration from the SUBU logo. I will also focus on experimenting with art software (e.g. Inkscape and Photoshop) to produce different SOBU logo variations. This will be done to make our website more distinctive and memorable, as the websites I’ve researched are in their own, separate ways.


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